Swiss Luxury Watches Since 2017


▪️ The HARRY & Co. ‘Bespoke Services’ offer everything a watch collector might need, whether it is advising on or sourcing a timepiece, steering negotiations on the customer’s behalf or assistance with auctions, for acquiring or selling a single timepiece or whole collection.

▪️ Our main goal is to give our customers honest advise, not driven by profits or any other interest, but by our passion for watchmaking. We are independent, we do not work for any brand but for our customers, always seeking to give advise in their best interest.

▪️All of our esteemed existing customers will be willing to give us a recommendation or reference upon request, among whom we are honored to have royal family members from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Vietnam and many other high (or low as they prefer to call themselves) profile individuals.

▪️ With our bases in Geneva and Saigon we bridge the gap between the East and West, therefore being able to have a better understanding of both the Swiss Haute Horology and Eastern customers. 

▪️ We aim to create long lasting relationships with our customers/collectors, as in the past such relationships have helped us gain the expertise we now have in building extraordinary timepiece collections. Having witnessed the growth of these successful collections we were able to learn not only about value creation but also how to chose timepieces for collections that keep and grow their value.